Git workshop over irc

Date: 15th June
Venue: #wfs-india channel on freenode
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm IST

Git is, technically speaking, the most advanced version control system on earth right now. However this does not itself justify why everybody should learn it. The real value of git is that it has taken collaboration to a new level. Just like social media has made friendship cross barriers of space, git has helped developers work together across continents. Git is the backbone of developers working on huge projects like the Linux kernel. Git is also the choice of countless designers and can be used by visual artists and authors as well.

This amazing tool costs nothing — it is free.

Free to use and to modify as well (courtesy GNU-GPL V2). Nobody can stop you from becoming an expert in git.
Get started with Git through our workshop.

There is only one pre-requisite — install git beforehand.


Install from the command-line using:

sudo apt-get install git


Install from the command-line using:

sudo yum install git-core

Arch Linux

Install from the command-line using:

sudo pacman -S git


Download and install git from msysgit. You can use this direct URL to download the installer.


Mac users please use the instructions given here.

Still need help?

We will provide full assistance during the workshop for any issues faced by participants in installing git. We will assist participants in configuring their git installations before we begin. So if you are having troubles installing git, don’t worry. We’ll help you.

Particpants can ping anybody on #wfs-india to solve installation issues prior to the actual workshop.

5 thoughts on “Git workshop over irc

  1. Did this happen ? Is there a screencast/video of the event ? I didn’t get any mail after I registered. So I missed the event.

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