My experience at Grace Hopper Conference in India, 2014

There are 2 types of people I have seen in the software industry. One who just wants to hold on to his/her whatever job he/she has got, doesn’t want to learn new things, doesn’t want to try new things and definitely doesn’t want to take any initiative. And there’s another type – and I must say that I met very few of this type – who are passionate about their work. They drive new things. They bring new ideas and execute them. And I must also confess that before coming to this conference, I haven’t met any such women in the IT industry. I am not counting the women in FLOSS community. They are passionate about technology and open source software but I do not get to see them in the IT industry. GHC India 2014 surprised me. I got to see women, who are passionate about their work, talking on various technical topics that includes machine learning, cyber threats, secure cloud, tends in hardware. These are women who are mothers, wives and they are at senior positions at big multinational companies or have started their own startups.

They are passionate about their work and technology. And it filled my heart with hope. I won’t say that I was clueless or pessimistic about my future, but seeing women entrepreneurs or women at senior positions working in challenging and interesting fields did motivate me to believe in myself and work hard on what I want to achieve.

So my message to all the women in technology, if you are passionate about your work, if you wish to achieve something in your life, then do attend it next year. It will definitely going to be an awesome experience attending GHC.

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