Business Line covered the Wikipedia Editathon and WFS India

Forgot to post about it. The Wikipedia Editathon that I co-organized along with Shobha from Breakthrogh got featured in Business Line. Nandini Nair, a journalist with the newspaper publishing house, came to attend the event and talk to us and we got this nicely written article – “Page not found“. Enjoy!

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on 29th March for women

Breakthrough and Women in Free Software and Culture in India are organizing a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in collaboration with Wikimedia India to create articles on Women Parliamentarians and Women Scientists in India on Wikipedia to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

Through this event we encourage women and transwomen to contribute to Wikipedia and increase the quality of articles related to women. This event aims at creating new articles, expanding the existing stubs and translating English articles to various Indic Languages. It is part of the series of month long events going on during Women’s History Month.


29th March 2013. 1pm till 6pm

Office of Breakthrough
#E-1 A Kailash Colony
First Floor
New Delhi 110048, India
Tel: 91-11-41666101

Who is this aimed for?
Women and transwomen who knows about Wikipedia are particularly encouraged.

Can men attend?
Yes, but you have to come along with an interested woman participant.

Any other prerequisite?
Yes. Please bring a laptop with you.

Git workshop over irc

Date: 15th June
Venue: #wfs-india channel on freenode
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm IST

Git is, technically speaking, the most advanced version control system on earth right now. However this does not itself justify why everybody should learn it. The real value of git is that it has taken collaboration to a new level. Just like social media has made friendship cross barriers of space, git has helped developers work together across continents. Git is the backbone of developers working on huge projects like the Linux kernel. Git is also the choice of countless designers and can be used by visual artists and authors as well.

This amazing tool costs nothing — it is free.

Free to use and to modify as well (courtesy GNU-GPL V2). Nobody can stop you from becoming an expert in git.
Get started with Git through our workshop.

There is only one pre-requisite — install git beforehand.


Install from the command-line using:

sudo apt-get install git


Install from the command-line using:

sudo yum install git-core

Arch Linux

Install from the command-line using:

sudo pacman -S git


Download and install git from msysgit. You can use this direct URL to download the installer.


Mac users please use the instructions given here.

Still need help?

We will provide full assistance during the workshop for any issues faced by participants in installing git. We will assist participants in configuring their git installations before we begin. So if you are having troubles installing git, don’t worry. We’ll help you.

Particpants can ping anybody on #wfs-india to solve installation issues prior to the actual workshop.

Poster Competition on Women’s and LGBT Issues

WFS India in collaboration with Glug-CalFedora and Mozilla announces a poster competition on women’s, LGBT and gender-related issues in India using free software tools as part of the extended Cultural Freedom Day celebrations. You stand to win exciting prizes by your participation.


India is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial country one billion strong and growing. India’s most pressing problems include official corruption and the suppression of women and the LGBT community.

A substantial section of India’s well-to-do people have embraced modern technology, from cell-phone toting farmers to tweeting teenagers, technophile home-makers to artistic designers, and more who are coming online, communicating, coding and interacting in real time.

And yet, these people are still struggling to find their voices while retaining basic human values within our society. Your challenge is to bring out your virtual brushes and pictorially depict this struggle while celebrating their diversity.

Exercise your creative freedom with Free/Libre open source software and other technologies. Your poster may be the inspiration that gives people a voice to fight for their rights, a vision of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that gives them the freedom and space to dream while allowing them to explore the problems of their culture and livelihood.

Who Can Participate?

Anybody can participate*.

Those with no previous experience with poster-making/digital art can start with Tux-Paint.

* We will not be able to send prizes to regions falling outside the country, but anyway do participate.

What Are We Expecting?

We expect great posters that has one or more of the following attributes:

  1.  Conveys a positive message with educational value on feminist issues.
  2.  Highlights social evils.
  3.  Demands reforms in a powerful way.
  4.  Rectifies common misconceptions about gender and sex.
  5.  Conveys deeper aspects of the development of social evils.
  6.  Says something on the participation of women in the free software movement.

How To Participate?

  •  Read this announcement.
  •  Prepare your posters as per the guidelines below.
  •  Submit you posters along with form at this submission link.


Click Here for Submitting Your Entry

Competition Rules and Guidelines:

  1.  A registered participant can submit any number of entries.
  2.  All entries must be done using free software tools like GIMP, TeXLive, ImageMagick, TuX Paint, Inkscape, ScanTailor, Scribus, Synfig Studio, Asymptote, Libre Office and Open Office Draw. These tools are available for ALL operating systems including Ubuntu, Fedora, other GNU/Linux distributions,  PC-BSD, M$-Windows. We prefer submissions in xcf, .eps or other good image formats.
  3.  All entries must include an outline of the main steps involved and some proof of the use of tools. A description (in less than 200 words) of the intended message of the art work should also be included.
  4.  Entries will be licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike -3.0 (with Attribution).
  5.  Photos and other art works used in the poster should be suitably acknowledged.
  6.  Entries should be no smaller than A4 size and no larger than A2 size.
  7.  No plagiarism. Submitted posters should not be copies of other people’s work and should involve substantial creativity of the artists.
  8.  Only entries that pass minimal sanity check will be displayed in our e-gallery.
  9.  Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Important Dates:

Submission Begins: 1st June’2013
Last Date of Submission: 14th June’2013
Announcement of Results: 15th June’2013
Gallery Update: By 24th June’2013

Panel of Judges:

  • A. Mani
  • María “tatica” Leandro
  • Shweta Srivatsava
  • Sourav Sen Gupta

Competition Coordination:

  • A. Mani


  • Flash drives with Fedora and /or Books for top three entries.
  • 2 consolation prizes.
  • Certificates of Merit.

In case of any difficulty, please contact A. Mani or post your query in our mailing list or google group or talk to us on IRC #wfs-india at freenode.


Report of the Localization Hackathon event on CFD

WFS-india, a voluntary organization has been created a month back by some enthusiastic people wanting to see some gender parity in FOSS world. The group decided to organize a Localization Hackathon event on the eve of Cultural Freedom Day on 20th may, 2013 from 08:00pm to 09:30pm at the above mentioned channel.

The event aimed to get participants localize a few strings from ayny of Mozilla, Fedora or VLC Media Player. It was attended by seven participants from across the globe . More details about the participants are given below in the chat log. The session was coordinated by Chandan Kumar with the assistance of Biraj karmakar and Runa Bhattacharjee. Amani_glugcal, kaustavdm, Priyankanag also helped in the event.

People learnt what is localization and how to get started in any language by using transifex and pootle server. They were asked to contact the language co-rodinators via mailing lists if they face any issue. Due to lack of time the participants could not start translating any string.

It was realized that it is not possible to hold a full localization workshop within a short span of 1 hour. Participants faced various problem with one not being able to log in to one not finding her language in the list of languages.

But overall it was a nice event where people took out time from their schedule and tried to contribute to FLOSS.

* The chat log of the event can be found at –
* This report has been prepared from the original report written by Chandan Kumar.
* The next meeting of the group is at #wfs-india on freenode on 27 May, from 9:30pm IST.

Localization Hackathon for Women on CFD (20 May)

Women in Free Software India is organizing an online Localization Hackathon for women on Monday 20 May 2013 that is Cultural Freedom Day. Our goal is to include more women in Free and Open Source Software.This event will be good for anyone new or not yet aware of FOSS and it doesn’t require any programming experience. Please join us from 8pm to 9pm tomorrow at #wfs-india channel on to participate.

Here’s a cool introduction page for the event which you may share along with the poster –


Online event for women in India on Cultural Freedom Day

Finally, things are taking shape. We got a very few but dedicated people interested to promote FOSS among women in India. After the first two meetings we decided to have this online event where

  • we will have an online digital art competition
  • a Mediawiki hackathon
  • an event on localization.

Everything is in planning stage right now. But we want to make FOSS attractive for girls/women in India to first use it and then contribute to it. When they hear about this event or attend it, they should feel – yeah, it’s cool – I want to do this.

Have to plan some cool promotional materials for it.

There’s one big obstacle though. People, especially women in India think of FOSS as something “geeky” – not to be touched by everyone. That it is not easy to use.

If we do not address these myths, they will continue using third grade proprietary software without even trying any other alternative!

Please share your ideas/suggestions on how to make this event interesting and appealing to women in India.

In case you want to help, please join an participate in the irc meetings.

2nd meeting of wfs-india to promote FOSS among women in India

We will be having our second meeting on Tuesday 7 May at 9pm IST at #wfs-india channel on

The agenda includes –

  • make plans for an event
  • divide the tasks among ourselves

Please join us if you are interested.

The minutes of the first meeting is at –

Minutes of the first planning meeting to promote FOSS among women in India

The minutes of the first meeting to promote FOSS among women in India held on Monday 29 April 2013 at channel #wfs-india at is as follows –

We created a community at Please join if you are interested.

Regarding creating a new group for the cause, we noted that although there exist quite a few eg linuxchix, ubuntu women etc, some of the participants pointed out that – “one single non domain specific group sounds a better idea”, “would it not benefit if there is a group which is not confined to any specific agenda, such as linux or ubuntu”

We decided to hold promotional events in schools/colleges and for working women. We need to collaborate with other groups to organize such events.
We can have install fests, show videos, interview clips, share information about the culture in FOSS, the philosophy behind it and of course how it can help someone if she contributes to it.

A lot of interesting ideas came up –
– hosting hacker schools, organize hackathons, conferences
– having weekly gatherings and hacker spaces
– creating e-books, articles, art-works, graphic novels to attract more people and especially women into FOSS.
Such online efforts would help those women who can not come to events.
– creating a magazine covering successful women contributors in India – since there’s lack of role models in India.

The next agenda may include –
– how to organise events?
– how to get money?
– how to get volunteers?
– content of the event

We will be having our next meeting pretty soon. Please keep an eye on the link shared above.